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Aikido Hakama

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Our hakama are made to fit your height as well as girth so we ask you to provide both your waist measurements as well as the length of the hakama that you wish to have.

* For waist circumference over 95 cm (37.4'') hakama prices increase by about 30%. Please contact us for an exact quote before placing your order. 

Polyester and cotton aikido hakama uniform are available in black and navy colours.

What is my size?
The size
of the hakama is calculated from the bottom edge of the tie belt to the very bottom edge of the hakama, see example at the bottom of the page. NB! When determining your size remember that women tie their hakama on their waist line where as men tie it on their hips! Measure your lenght from the hip (men) or waist (women) down to the middle of your ankle bone.
NB! Our cotton hakama shrink about one size after washing! If you are ordering a cotton hakama please provide the length that you wish the hakama to be in the comments box below.

Small sizes (children's) and extra large sizes are also available by special order. Contact us for details. 


We recommend embroidery of  your name (or anything else) on your hakama in a choice of colours. On black hakama "gold" embroidery looks great!

Washing instructions: Machine wash in cold water. If you feel you must use detergent (use a mild woolwash detergent), please DO NOT use anything that contains bleach or whitening agents. Please avoid the use of dryers, they shorten the life of your hakama. If you must use a dryer, use a low temperature.

Sold out


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