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Embroidery on clothing

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Budostuff offers embroidery of text (be it the name of your club, your name or martial art of your preference) with a choice of Japanese katakana, kanji or roman alphabet.

We highly recommend embroidery of your name in the Japanese fonetic "Katakana" alphabet (Click for examples of names in Katakana embroidery). 

There is a great site with an extensive databases of common names translated into katakana so if you want to see what your embroidered name will look like just go to name translatorand type your name in, remember to set the style to "calligraphy" and just click "translate".

For the complex Kanji embroidery we require that you send us an email with a graphic (GIF or JPG) of what you want to have embroidered. Click here for some examples of embriodery in Kanji.

You can choose the colour of embroidery (white, black, blue, green, gold, red). We recommend gold embroidery for black belts and hakama and black embroidery for the gi.

Please note that equipment with embroidery is not subject to returns or exchange.


Cost of embroidery: 300 Yen per letter or Japanese character.

Sold out

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