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Welcome to the Aikido martial arts store!

Aikido is a martial art that arose from Japanese traditions and was invented by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). The techniques used in aikido are unique in that they depend on controlling the opponent and neutralising his attack by using a combination of leverages, immobilisation techniques and throws designed to work in a circular fashion.

In this martial art there is no direct opposition or blocking, all techniques are designed to work in the direction of the attack of the opponent. Aikido does not involve the use of striking, kicking, undercutting nor pushing. The effectiveness of the techniques is not dependent on your strength but ones ability to step aside from the line of attack, and appropriately grasp the opponent to throw  him off balance. When the techniques are performed with percision and skill, they allow one to be able to deal with a much bigger and stronger opponent.

Aikido is not simply a set of techniques, but the product of decades of experimentation, meditation and indepth studies of other existing martial arts and styles of hand to hand combat. While Morihei Ueshiba was exceptionally well versed in the martial arts, at the same time he was a deeply religious man, who considered aikido as a perfect martial art because it did not rely on the clash of strength, nor confrontational struggle or conflict. The graceful, almost dance like techniques express the philosophy of aikido, - harmony, serenity, agreement and balance.

Keeping in mind all aspects of the martial art of aikido, and particularly the nature of training sessions, which involve repetative throws, falls and moving around on the knees, Budostuff wish to provide you with high quality training gear that will not only last many years but also provide comfort and enjoyment during training. It is our pleasure to offer you equipment that is deigned and created according to the best standards, as well as the result of many years of studies devoted to improvements and perfecting the materials and technology such that it will meet even the stringest requirements. At Budostuff we are totally confident that you will appreciate the quality of our training gear and you will find something suitable to meet your needs. All of our gear is made in Japan from quality Japanese materials.

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